4 Innovative Ways Shrink Sleeves Can Give the Wow Factor to Your Product Labeling

Posted: Apr 7, 2017 12:08:47 PM

Packaging is the most important part of your product's presentation. Though there are a variety of options available, one of the most exciting ways to package your product is with shrink sleeves that come equipped with a variety of intriguing features. If you are looking for an interesting new way to give your product's labeling more of a "wow factor", check out these four highly-engaging options that shrink sleeve packaging offers:

Textured Shrink Sleeves

One high impact feature that can be added to your shrink sleeve label is texture. Providing a highly tactile experience, printed texture can take the form of detailed shapes and lines, raised images and ink deposits. This produces 3D effects like leather, wood, or any debossed image. This will make your product totally unique.

Scented Labeling

If your product is scented in any way, scented labeling can be the perfect way to advertise it to potential buyers. Scented labeling is a unique and exciting upgrade within the packaging industry. People have a strong attraction to smell. It elicits emotions and memories - and perhaps a sale! Whether you're selling cologne, soap, or a food or drink item, scented labeling allows your customers to essentially test your product before purchasing it. Scented labeling also gives your product a unique and interesting appeal, making it far more tempting to pick up and further investigate, increasing the chances of making a sale. While scented labeling may sound complex, shrink sleeve labeling makes it easy with technology that adds scent to shrink sleeves via printable scented varnishes and coatings.

Thermochromatic Packaging

Thermochromatic packaging is made with ink that is designed to change colors as the temperature increases or decreases. The graphics on shrink sleeve labels that feature thermochromatics will change colors when exposed to the warmth of a customer's hands, encouraging them to pick up your product and explore it further. Thermochromatics make your product more attractive to potential buyers and can effectively set your product apart from the competition.

Night and Day Glow Packaging

Night and day glow shrink sleeve packaging can be achieved with pigments that store energy when exposed to natural or artificial light. Once exposed to light, the labels will brightly glow in both the day and night. Night and day glow packaging can turn an ordinary design into something extraordinary and make your product far more eye catching. If a wow factor is what you are aiming for, shrink sleeve packaging designed with night and day glow labels can definitely make it happen.

A product's packaging is an essential part of its presentation. Packaging is one of the most effective means of marketing products to potential customers and, many times, one of the primary reasons a customer makes a purchase. Due to advances in technology, creating packaging that is more and more appealing has become increasingly challenging to set your product apart from the crowd. Fortunately, shrink sleeves equipped with features such as texture, scent, thermochromatic paint, and night and day glow can give your product's packaging a unique and exciting appeal. To learn more about our shrink sleeve packaging and eye-catching features that can be applied, feel free to contact us today.

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