Creating Stunning Shrink Labels for the Spirits Industry

Posted: Dec 21, 2017 2:50:14 PM

As an industry leader in full body shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident banding machinery, we are often tapped by the wine, beer, and spirits industry to help make their packages exceptional and unique at the point of purchase. One of our specialties is equipment for sleeving glass bottles, a technique that is employed particularly during seasonal sales or limited-edition product releases.

The PDC Way

The PDC Technical Team is staffed with shrink film, printing and shrink tunnel experts trained to interface with branding and package development teams from consumer products companies. We provide advice on package design and help develop the correct film specifications to make sure your product runs well during production and jumps off the shelves at retail.

In the video below, we walk you through a fun, full body shrink sleeving project of a seasonal spirits product. This is a great example of how each shrink sleeve labeling project is customized to meet the specific needs of our customers. 

The Product – Scratch and Sniff!

This peppermint-flavored vodka product is a perfect gift for the holiday season! It even has a scratch and sniff feature to add to the festivities. Adults over the age of 21 can enjoy this beverage as a chilled shot or get creative and mix this into a holiday cocktail. A candy cane garnish (to match the label) can be added to the edge of the glass for a festive touch! Sipped responsibly, this peppermint-flavored beverage will get you into the holiday spirit!

The Shrink Sleeving Process

For this shrink sleeve labeling project, PDC employed one of our line of R Series labelers, that include the R-100, R-250, R-300 and R-500 Shrink Labelers. Our R Series shrink labelers apply PVC, PETG, PLA and OPS sleeves at up to 600 per minute using PDC’s patented Micro-Perforation and Separation Cutting technology. These cutting blades last months, not days – like competitive cutting systems. R Series labelers use advanced dual Servomotor sleeve feed systems for precise label registration and accuracy.

Label shrinking is done in steam tunnels, specifically, a multiple zone thermostatically controlled steam heat tunnel. During this process, PDC technicians carefully filter and regulate the temperature of the steam into the chambers, making sure the steam is directed at very specific areas on the label to precisely shrink it into place. The result: a final product with a perfectly textured, form-fitted, brightly metallic distortion-free label!

The first step to enticing customers is a visually impressive package on the shelf – especially in the wine, beer and spirits industry! For brand-enhancing ideas for your next full body shrink sleeve labeling or tamper evident banding project, be it standard or seasonal; for the spirits industry or the personal products, food, or dairy industries, reach out to us at or call 203-853-1516.

We’ll even create prototypes of your package and videos to show you how it is done. We're ready for the challenge and we look forward to working with you!

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