Monobloc Integrates Neck Bander, Conveyor, Shrink Tunnel, Inspection

PDC has introduced the “Monobloc” Shrinksealer, an ultra-compact tamper evident banding system, and the newest addition to its highly successful 75 Series Shrinksealers. 

The Monobloc includes a neck band applicator, conveyor, inspection system, line sensors and shrink tunnel, in a single integrated package.  It shrink-seals up to 400 cpm.  Features include zero access guarding, robust framework, full enclosure, and a small footprint: the system fits into just 10’ of line space.  The tunnel system features an integrated power auto-lift tunnel stand for effortless raising and lowering.

 Developed for the OTC pharmaceutical industry, Monobloc is also ideally suited to food, beverage and other applications where neck banding must be accomplished efficiently while using minimal space.

 Like all PDC 75 Series Shrinksealers, Monobloc applies tamper-evident bands that can incorporate perforations, tear tab blades or slit tab blades for easy opening.  75 Series Monobloc Shrinksealers precisely and positively control the flow of sleeving material through feeding, cutting and application.  The result is exceptional consistency over long periods of continuous use.

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