The Multiple Functions of Tamper Evident Neck Bands

For companies selling bottled products, the benefits of tamper evident neck bands are difficult to ignore. These commonly-used seals serve a wide range of functions, from increasing consumer confidence to boosting your marketing efforts. If you have been considering making use of tamper evident bands for your products, consider the following advantages:

Cover the Fill Line

Covering a fill line in a bottle with a tamper evident neck band has a couple of advantages. For one, it provides the appearance that the bottle is filled to a uniform level. In addition to this, covering the fill lines on your bottles hides any small inconsistencies that may be present in your bottles' fill level, resulting in a more consistent presentation.

Increase Marketing Space

Adding a tamper evident band to your bottles gives you an additional space for branding your product. Tamper evident bands can be customized to include your company name, logo, or any other kind of artwork you want, making for a product presentation that is unique and eye-catching. Best of all, if you use a tamper evident band that is perforated horizontally, the band won't completely be torn off when the customer opens the bottle, keeping the marketing element in place as a neck label even after they have bought and used the product.

Keep the Cap and Neck Ring Clean and Dust Free

Without any kind of seal in place, dust and dirt can gather under the cap of your bottle in the neck ring and transfer bead, resulting in a poor presentation as well as exposing the product inside to potential contamination. With a tamper evident band, though, you are able to ensure that the bottle's neck ring and transfer bead are completely sealed off from dirt and dust.

Increase Consumer Confidence

When a customer purchases a bottle that has been equipped with a tamper evident band they can rest assured knowing that from the time the product was manufactured to the time that they purchased it, the bottle has remained sealed. This is especially important for products that the customer is intended to ingest or apply to their skin. In this way, tamper evident bands increase customer confidence in the product you are selling, increasing their willingness to purchase it.


Prevent Counterfeits

If you are worried about people creating counterfeits of your product or unpackaging it and selling it individually, tamper evident bands can keep this from happening. Tamper evident bands that have been equipped with embedded holographic codes, 2D, or UV codes make your product extremely difficult to counterfeit. If keeping your products from being split up and sold individually is a priority, tamper evident sleeves can be designed to make that difficult as well.


From a marketing perspective as well as a quality control perspective, tamper evident neck bands are an essential part of a bottled product's packaging.

At PDC, our tamper evident banding machinery is designed to enable companies to apply tamper evident bands to their products that are customized to their unique requirements. These top-of-the-line machines are designed to work with all sorts of bottle shapes and sizes and are built to last. If you would like to learn more about putting our tamper evident banding machinery to work in your company and start enjoying the many advantages of tamper evident bands, we invite you to contact us today.

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