New Year, New Ad!

The New Year means new advertising campaigns at PDC. We enlisted Fred Candiotti of CGT Marketing in Amityville, NY to help us focus our message. What is the essence of PDC’s exceptional value and unique customer experience?

After considering a number of messages, the one that resonated most is Trust. Trust that customers place in PDC, year after year, machine after machine. Trust that PDC delivers not only exceptional, robust machinery, but that it is backed up by the most experienced and trustworthy team in the industry. Trust that customers can rest assured we will never let them down.

That is the essence of what it means to work with PDC, and collaboration with CGT Marketing turned it into our new ad campaign. Fred and his team's idea was to showcase name-brand products alongside the PDC equipment that produced them.  From an advertising perspective, the key takeaway from these ads is that PDC is considered a trusted supplier to the top brands across many industries. "The overall thinking here was that you'll associate the PDC name with well-known brands which in turn will instill trust from other companies," said Candiotti.

This concept is commonly known as co-branding. Co-branding advertising is a partnership between companies or brands with the goal to promote their products together to mutually benefit both companies.  

Here are more great examples of co-branding from two PDC clients:

Good2Grow and Disney


The children’s beverage supplier, good2grow, has teamed up with Disney, and has selected PDC as their preferred machinery supplier. The bottles used for their Juicy Waters fruit beverages have distinctively designed figurines as the bottle toppers. These figurines are molded into the image of popular characters from Disney and other kids movies or shows.  There are 68 cool characters to choose from like Elsa from Frozen, Hello Kitty, Spider Man, Barbie, and Batman.

PDC machines apply both the body labels as well as the neck bands to secure the cap figurine through the point of sale. These bottles and their collectable toppers are dishwasher-safe and recyclable! Good for kids and good for the environment - a great partnership!


Hershey's and International Delight


Chocolate and coffee are a timeless and great tasting duo -a fact that did not go unnoticed by International Delight, a non-dairy flavored creamer for coffee. The company teamed up with America's favorite chocolate brand, Hershey's, to create a new line of coffee creamers. The creamer is the same trusted beverage from International Delight but with the added chocolatey goodness of Hershey's. Mornings just got better! And what type of labeling was chosen? Full body shrink sleeves of course!

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