PDC's R-100 Shrink Labeler: An Economical Option With Maximum Flexibility

We recently introduced our latest shrink labeler, the R-100. Part of the Evolution Series, the R-100 is an economical, compact system ideal for moderate speed applications and flexible enough for many kinds of products.  

 Flexible for Many Product Types and Shapes

Based on concepts of our higher speed shrink labelers, the R-100 is perfect for shrink sleeving application speeds up to 120 containers per minute, allowing for a large product range. Plus, it’s versatile. The machine can apply oriented graphics onto non-round containers such as ovals and squares. The R-100 also has the ability to run thin films. PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA labels in gauges as thin as 30 micron are all compatible. In addition, the R-100 can run tamper evident labels with horizontal and partial vertical perforation, as well as twin packing.

Options and Maintenance

The R-100’s optional all stainless steel sanitary construction is ideal for food, beverage, pharma and wet environments. Product handling options include a metering wheel, and single or dual timing screws. Servo motors are used for label registration and application. The R-100 is easy to maintain as it uses all off-the-shelf purchased parts.  We always provide the OEM part number for customers’ convenience.

Benefits to PDC Construction

Like all of PDC labelers, the R-100 uses our patented micro-perforation and separation cutting technology. With no spinning knives that can dull easily, PDC systems are far more durable, lasting months, not days.

All our units are built in the U.S. and we manage every aspect of the in-house manufacturing process. This Total Vertical Integration allows us to respond immediately to our customers’ needs. In addition, we fabricate all of our machined parts so we have total control over quality.  Shrink tunnels, conveyors, vision, barcode, inspection, and coding systems can all be easily integrated into a complete sleeving system.

 If you would like to learn more about how you can package your product with our high-quality sleeving machinery, please contact us at (203) 853-1516 or sales@pdc-corp.com.


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