PDC’s Shrink Sleeve Packaging Gives Frutarom’s Latte Foam Brand A Boost

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Who doesn’t enjoy a good cup of latte or cappuccino, topped with a delicious flavor? PDC’s latest innovation pack video features a latte foam product from Frutarom, a global flavor company. The product comes in a number of flavors and produces a frothy latte instantly right in your own kitchen.

When developing the packaging for the latte product, Frutarom turned to PDC for its ability to customize its shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident banding machinery in creative and new ways. The dome shaped bottle with dispensing pump required a full height shrink sleeve, extending up over the pump to create a tamper evident seal with a horizontal and partial vertical perforation.

In addition to tackling the latte foam product, Frutarom needed to apply tamper evident seals with vertical perforations onto other bottles they’re running on this same line. PDC delivered with the use of its model 75ERL as the shrink sleeve applicator. The 75 series of machines are designed for high-speed tamper evident banding that can incorporate perforations, tear tab blades or slit tab blades for easy band opening, at up to 400 containers per minute (cpm) as well as full-sleeving applications at 300 cpm. Also for this project, PDC provided our proprietary Dual Zone KST-80 Steam Tunnel to precisely shrink the sleeve. With the KST-80, Frutarom can focus the steam exactly where it is needed, at the correct temperature, in exactly the right amounts.  



The result is an end product that is not only beautifully packaged, but brings a small dose of caffeine happiness in a cup to any home at any time.

If you have a product in need of creative shrink sleeve packaging, see how the use of PDC’s “Total Sleeving Solution” can benefit your brand, enhance consumer safety and increase sales.

We’d be happy to create a prototype of your product in a free test run in the PDC Shrink Lab. You’ll get photos, a video and sample packages, all as part of the benefit of working with PDC.

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