Sanitary KSA-70 Steam Tunnel Introduced

PDC has debuted a new version of its popular KSA-70 Three-Zone Steam Tunnel.  This all stainless-steel unit is ideally suited for food, beverage, dairy and other facilities with high sanitation requirements. 

KSA offers maximum flexibility in steam tube positioning, including all X, Y and Z axes, also pitch and roll. Positions are confirmed using permanent, laser-etched scales and positive lock-down features. The first zone in this steam tunnel machine enables the anchoring of the label under the bottle’s bottom radius; the subsequent two zones cover the body and neck, focusing steam with pinpoint accuracy.

Steam zones are individually monitored to assure precise, repeatable set up.  Steam is filtered, and particulates and moisture removed.  The standard steam filter can be upgraded to culinary grade.  The KSA-70 is also an excellent finishing steam tunnel, following the primary tunnel, for highly challenging shrinks.

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