Stack Wine: A Great Example of Shrink Sleeve Technology

Wine lovers around the world can relate to any of the following struggles when it comes to popping open a bottle of vino: the cork breaks apart during the opening process, someone forgot to bring the wine glasses, or worse – you can’t find the corkscrew.

Luckily, with Stack Wines by Stack Tech, you can ditch the corkscrew AND the glassware. Stack Wines is a package of four stemless, shatterproof glasses that come pre-filled with California wine, sealed and stacked on top of one another, all zipped into a convenient shrink-sleeve. With wine choices of Red Blend, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay, there’s something for all tastes. All you need to do is zip the sleeve loose, snap the glasses apart, and then peel back the foil seal to sip, making them perfect for picnics, the beach, sporting events and BBQs! 

The Shrink Labeling Innovation


For this type of unique labeling application, we used the R-250 machine, a PDC R-Series Shrink Labeler. The R-250 also has the capability to apply oriented graphics onto non-round containers such as ovals and squares if needed. Once the Stack Wine is sleeved, the package goes through a dual zone steam tunnel, which is 80 inches in length and thermostatically controlled.

Unique Aspects Of Stack Wine Packaging
Sleeving multi-pack servings of wine in just one single package made it a unique project for PDC. Here are some of the characteristics of this challenging package that make it distinctive.

It Unitizes
The shrink sleeve labeling combines all of the individual wines together so the final Stack Wines packaging allows them to be sold as one final product.

It Protects
The shrink sleeving protects each individual wine cup within the unit, from production through purchase.

It Provides Rich Graphics
The shrink sleeve label delivers rich graphics, including a UPC code for scanning at the point of purchase.

Full-Height Perforation
The Stack Wine packaging includes a full-height perforation, making it easy for the customer to remove the sleeve to “unzip” the wines from each other.

If you have a unique or unusually shaped product, PDC’s shrink sleeve labeling and tamper evident banding technology will deliver to the results you’re looking for – with packaging that your customers will love! Reach out to us at or call (203) 853-1516 to see how we can help. We look forward to it!

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